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Booster Board Election Meeting

DV Boys Basketball Parents!

Coach Crump invites you to attend our ANNUAL BOOSTER BOARD ELECTION meeting.

Meeting details: Tuesday, August 21st from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in room H108.

As you’ll recall, nominations have been open since our year-end banquet, last season. If you would like to nominate yourself, or someone else for any position at this time, and up to the point of the meeting when we physically close nominations, please email your nomination and recommendation to and that individuals name will be added to the slate. Please consult with individual to make sure they are at least interested in the position, first. Voting is open to parents of boys who intend to try-out for the 2018-2019 season. To vote you must be present at the meeting. Nominations for all board positions will be open until Tuesday, August 21st at 6:30 p.m. when the meeting begins.

We look forward to seeing you there!

2018-2019 DVHS Boys Basketball, Booster Board Slate

President – Jill Gossett

Vice-President – Dawn Ighodaro

Treasurer – Marivel Pesqueira

Asst. Treasurer – Leanna Williams

Co-Secretaries – Kristen Risi & Brenda Brinkley

Thunder Board Representatives – Karen Ray & Howard Coates

2018-2019 Fall Pre-Season Basketball Schedule

Mark your calendar with the following Open Gym dates, the 1st DVHS Football Game we can attend together, and Coaches will share more with you about Fall League Ball during gym (not a booster sponsored event). Thank you!





Wednesday15 5:00-7:00
Saturday 18 12:30-2:30 12:30-2:30
Wednesday 22 7:30-9:00
Friday 24 6:00-8:00
Saturday 25 10:30-12:30 10:30-12:30
Wednesday 29 6:00-8:00 6:00-8:00


Saturday 1 12:30-2:30
Tuesday 4 6:00-8:00 7:00-9:00
Saturday 8 FALL LEAGUE GAME TBA 10:30-12:30
Tuesday 11 3:30-6:00
Thursday 13 6:00-8:00
Saturday 15 FALL LEAGUE GAME TBA 12:30-2:30 12:30-2:30
Tuesday 18 6:00-8:00
Wednesday 19 6:00-8:00 6:00-8:00
Thursday 20 3:30-7:00
Friday 21 6:00-8:00
Saturday 22 FALL LEAGUE GAME TBA 10:30-12:30
Wednesday 26 6:00-9:00
Thursday 27 6:00-8:00 6:00-8:00
Saturday 29 FALL LEAGUE GAME TBA 11:00-2:00


Wednesday 3 7:30-9:00
Thursday 4 6:00-8:00
Saturday 6 FALL LEAGUE GAME TBA 10:30-12:30 10:30-12:30
Wednesday 17 7:30-9:00 7:00-9:00
Thursday 18 6:00-8:00 7:00-9:00
Saturday 20 12:30-2:30 12:30-2:30
Wednesday 24 5:00-8:00
Thursday 25 6:00-8:00
Friday 26 6:00-8:00


Thunder Basketball End of Season Banquet

Boys Basketball Parents & Supporting Staff,

Our end-of-year banquet is quickly approaching on Weds., March 7th. An Evite was sent this week with details on the banquet and a request for an RSVP. If you believe you should have received the Evite and did not, please contact Boys Basketball Boosters. Please note the banquet is complimentary for players and $25/per guest which is different from previous years. Payment must be received by Feb. 25th through PayPal. We look forward to seeing you at the event!  See link below for info & PayPal

Invitations, Free eCards and Party Planning Ideas from Evite

Congrats 2017-18 Thunder Players!

The long, grueling tryout period is over. Here are the rosters for the ‘17-‘18 Thunder Boys Basketball teams!


Wesley Harris, Jaden Rollins, Tyrek Chambers, Christian Anigwe, EJ Jackson, Alijah Gammage, J’Saan Strover, Osasere Ighodaro, Jared Kincade, Mason Harbertson, Ry McGuigan, Isaiah Wilson, Aishwar Kumar.


James Gossett, Jace Denis’, Jackson Risi, Samuel Bass, Lucas Bass, Dayson Dush, Dominic Rojas, Nate Patche, Evan Berry, Elijah Brinkley, Maverick Harrington, Montay Washington, Elijan Artiste-Duncan, Caleb Harbertson, Jaylon Robertson-Smith.


Patrick Watts, Trey Treloar, Gabe Pesqueira, Dominic Arbizu, Damaryea Gadson, Trey Allen, Michael Thomas, Cole Foote, Demetrus Johnson, Malik Mack, Justin Phillips, Anthony Raynor, Andrew Yeshano, Logan Scarbrough, Konner Brockus.